The Manufacturers

For the purpose of this website, I will only be concerning myself with brands that manufacture mineral sunscreen. I have no interest in the chemical sunscreen products. For now, I will simply list the brands of mineral sunscreen available in Australia. One by one, I will approach the brands, and ask them if they wish to give me information about their products, their safety, and the tests they’ve had done to show they are nano-free. Since FOE have put in a complaint about many (but possibly not all) of these brands, I feel it only fair that they have an option┬áto respond.

Being listed on this page merely means they are a mineral sunscreen brand in Australia. There are no claims as to nano status for any products listed below yet.

  • Banana Boat Mineral Protect
  • Cancer Council Mineral Sunscreen
  • Eco Sunscreen
  • Grahams Sunclear
  • Invisible Zinc
  • Natralia Nourish
  • Soleo Organics
  • UV Natural
  • Wotnot

This list may not be complete. If you know of a brand not on the list, please contact us (details available shortly)